Wentz MVP?

Carson Wentz MVP? On Monday night Carson Wentz made a spectacular hide and seek play that left everyone, including the pile of Redskin defensive lineman that were (for a moment) on top of him, wondering what happened?

wentz escapeThese sorts of plays are not unusual with the second year QB out of North Dakota State giving the renewed entertainment factor in Philly over the past month. Wentz, who threw for 268 yards over the Redskins, is now starting to be involved in MVP chatter, with the likes of Alex Smith and Tom Brady looking over their shoulder. Does this chatter have any foundation? We like to think so.

The Eagles currently sit 6-1 and are starting to pull away from Dallas and Washington. The Giants are also in that division but let’s no go there. Wentz has started to become a quarterback that easily forgets previous plays, not letting the pressure build from incomplete passes or bust runs. With almost 3 minutes to go in the second quarter, Wentz had only thrown for 30 yards but his progression from last year is clear. Wentz is now reading defences perfectly, an example of this is Agholor’s touchdown following an audible from Wentz, and his accuracy following broken plays, putting him in the Brady/ Smith chatter.

With only 7 games in the bag, it may be too early to start having these conversations but if the season ended now, he would in the mix. With next week’s game against the 49ers expected to go to team Carson, it may still be a few weeks until we see how he compares against the league’s best. For now though, as Josh Norman says, “Houdini” leads the way for passing touchdowns but whether this pace can keep up remains to be seen.