The Dominos Start in Minnesota

Bridgewater, Keenum and Bradford are all viable QBs (if Teddy’s knee holds up). Barring injury Bradford is 30 and last season had the highest completion % of any QB in the league. Keenum is similarly great this year. Pat Shurmur, the OC, may get another Head Coach shot and take one of them with him. But the knock on effect could be why would Washington tag Cousins for a third year and have to pay him £30mil guaranteed when they could get Bradford or Keenum at a reasonable price and trade Cousins to either the Jets or Broncos who would be interested.

Kirk Cousins Thumbs Up The Jets are out of the playoffs and sitting around a 10th pick in the draft next year so Josh Rosen of UCLA looks out of the question. The Broncos are another team in need of a QB but Elway will absolutely not risk another 1st pick on a QB. The question of a new QB will become apparent in New Orleans should they go on to win the Super Bowl as Brees may want to go out on a high. Teams like Buffalo and Washington or even Arizona (if Palmer retires) will all be out of the mix for a first round top QB in the draft.

The dominoes all start in Minnesota.

Things get even wilder if the Vikings have a good playoff run. Even if they just get to but don’t win the Super Bowl. Keenum could easily repeat the events of Trent Dilfer when he took the Ravens to the Super Bowl win in 2000 and got released by them the very next season.

The likelihood is that they will keep Bridgewater for another year to see if he can be the player he has the potential to be. Keenum will likely stick around as well but with a big defence and some of the best offensive players in the league, the $20 million franchise tag might not be on the table. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a busy off season in Minnesota….but first, the playoffs. is the UK’s Premier NFL Hat online store. In partnership with New Era, NFL Hats is committed to making our customers look and feel good on game day. Whether you’re part of the Raider Nation or the 12th man of Seattle, we deliver UK wide to bring you the most up to date merchandise so you are ready to support your team on their upcoming journey to the Super Bowl 52.