George Iloka Suspension Overturned.  Juju Smith Schuster suspended.

The game is in real trouble when hits like what George Iloka gave to Antonio Brown are being recognised as an illegal hit. Take a good look at the above photo, this is not a spear or a direct hit with the crown of the helmet. His head is clearly to the side. With Juju, his hit was also with the shoulder on a peel back block. juju smith standing overNow Juju standing over him, that's not right, but the hit is what makes this game what it is. As Ray Lewis recently said:

I'm listening to all these people saying this is the most physical game, people this is not Basketball. When you step out in the AFC North, in the most physical division in football and talk about rivals that don't like each other, that's football.

Those defensive players, following the game and looking back on it, will quite rightly be thinking - how else would I be expected to make that play. Iloka made the perfect hit to get that ball out of AB's hands, so now are we telling players they are expected to leave a receiver freely to catch the ball in the end zone, I don't think so. Maybe we should just play flag.